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Where to find the best CSGO Odds


If you're on the lookout for the best CSGO odds, then you're in the perfect place. We at CounterStrikeBetting.com have identified 3 bookmakers that will provide you with the highest CSGO and Esports betting odds on the market.

 Top betting sites offering high CSGO betting odds:

  • Betway
  • BUFF.bet
  • ArcaneBet

1. Betway

Betway provides punters with daily odds enhancers. If you don't know what odd enhancers are, don't skip this paragraph!

Every single day, Betway features two or three matches with higher odds than what you would normally find at other esports betting sites.


If you would like to have a look at these odds boosts, then go to Betway's Esports Section and you'll see these matches displayed on top heading.

Alternatively, you can click on the category “Esports Boosts” found on the left hand sidebar and you'll be able to see all matches with boosted odds.

(If you would like to learn more about Betway and their betting platform, find out more information by reading our Betway Review.)

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2. BUFF.bet

Even though this is a relatively new esports bookmaker, they are still one of the best out there. They are focusing heavily on providing esports bettors with the highest betting odds.

Although, most people would prefer sticking to their trusted bookmakers, it's worth giving these guys a shot!


Apart from providing punters with the best odds, they have an integrated live stream for in-play betting too.

With all this and more planned to come, BUFF.bet has the potential to become one of the most popular betting sites in 2020.

(Read our BUFF.Bet review to find out more about this new Esports Bookmaker.)

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3. ArcaneBet

If you were into CSGO skin betting, you have probably heard about ArcaneBet. This bookmaker has been on the scene for a long time  and they're also providing punters with competitive CSGO betting odds.

If you are looking for great pre-match CSGO odds, then we suggest to try ArcaneBet.

(Check out our dedicated ArcaneBet Review for more information about the bookmaker. ArcaneBet is also offering a special deposit bonus of a 100% match up, up to €200).

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Why should you be looking for the best CSGO odds?

We highly recommend that you should sign-up for an account with different esports bookmakers and shop around for the best esports odds.

We know that there are many bookmakers which are providing you with the exact same odds for your selections, as most of these bookmakers are getting their odds from the same third-party provider! And that is why you should be placing your bets with the best bookmakers out there, those who are offering their clients with something better!

As we've mentioned Betway, ArcaneBet, and BUFF.bet. are at the top of our list!


Finding the highest CSGO odds on the market should be a priority for you. You should never rush things, and you should always look for a value bet.

Another piece of advice that we can give is to always bet on singles or doubles.

Placing a parlay bet should only be done for fun and if you're an expert in CSGO betting, as otherwise this method has high a chance of failure.

From our experience, the best betting strategy you can adopt is a common one. Basically, you only make a single selection per day.


Furthermore, you should never place your entire bankroll on one betting slip. You should always go for 2-3% of your bankroll, with a maximum of 10%.

With this method, you will slowly but surely increase your bankroll and you will barely ever lose all of your bankrolls.

If you want to beat the bookmaker, you have to play it smart and be one step ahead.

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