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Liquid vs ENCE – Match Analysis for New Champions Stage IEM Katowice

Published on: 26/02/2019

The New Champions Stage of IEM Katowice 2019 is finally here. All of these teams had to put in an extra effort in order to advance to this Stage of the Major. However, some of these teams had it easy, while others struggled.

Once again we were able to provide you with the best IEM Katowice 2019 betting odds. This time around, we will write an in-depth analysis for IEM Katowice 2019 quarter-finals.

Liquid – ENCE

These two teams fought on completely different fronts. Firstly, Liquid had it easy and they barely had to break a sweat to secure The New Champions Stage spot. On the other hand, ENCE had a terrible start and they were on the verge of being eliminated. However, they pulled through and they are looking really solid.

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Given the fact that both of these teams played a lot of matches throughout IEM Katowice 2019, we have a good insight into the current form and playstyle for ENCE and Liquid.

  • Liquid

As mentioned above, Liquid rolled past everyone as they secured 3-0 in The New Legends Stage. They were struggling against AVANGAR in their opener, but they survived and edged out a narrow victory on Overpass.

After AVANGAR, Liquid had to face off against NiP. Swedish roster is filled with experience and firepower, but Liquid was on top once again. Yet again we have seen Liquid opt-in for Overpass and once again they had a slow start.

Lastly, Natus Vincere was waiting for Liquid in the 2-0 bracket. After rumors that Natus Vincere did not eve prepare for IEM Katowice 2019, we did not expect much from them. However, it was evident that Liquid underestimated S1MPLE and co, hence why we had a close first map. Liquid stepped up on the second map and they closed the series in a relatively easy fashion.


  • ENCE

ENCE played a lot of maps throughout The New Legends Stage. I do not think that they are even aware that they pulled through, especially after pulling off an insane comeback against BIG.

No one was expecting Renegades to beat ENCE in their opener, but after a couple of close rounds, Renegades pulled through. However, ENCE played on a high level, but Renegades were a tiny bit luckier.

After being defeated on Inferno, ENCE started to focus more on their permabans. This did not do much for them in their second match against HellRaisers. Even though they had a lead throughout the entire map, they fell short towards the end. Once again they were narrowly defeated, this time around, on Dust2.

Being favored in two matchups and being defeat in both of them can leave players with mental problems, especially young guns such as SERGEJ. I do not know what happened, but it worked wonders for ENCE. No one was feeling any pressure, and the Finnish roster started playing on a level above everyone else. The amount of pressure they felt against BIG was unbelievable.

After ENCE was able to pull off a 2v5 retake on Train, it was clear that they will stomp BIG. However, ENCE did not play this round to perfection, they were simply gifted the round by BIG, and that will definitely haunt German squad. After eliminating BIG, it was time for ENCE to brawl against G2.

A lot of us were expecting a good game between French roster and ENCE. This is not really what happened. After you combine ENCE’s individual skill and their newly found confidence you get a lethal weapon. They demonsrated that to the entire CSGO professional scene in this match.

The final test was upon ENCE. They were matched against AVANGAR. Once again they did not crumble, and they played on a really high level. Once again they were able to comfortably win over the course of 2 maps.

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Map Pool

These two teams share a similar map pool. Let’s start with Liquid. They do not play Cache nor Train. Furthermore, they do not like Train as well. On the other hand, ENCE always permabans Cache.

As for the good maps, both of these teams have similar map pools. They are both solid on Overpass, Mirage, Inferno and Dust 2.

Map veto prediction

  • Liquid remove Train
  • ENCE remove Cache
  • Liquid pick Dust 2
  • ENCE pick Nuke
  • Liquid remove Mirage
  • ENCE remove Dust 2
  • Inferno is left as a decider


Given the fact that both of these teams will play on a map where they are comfortable on, I can see this match edged out in a decider map. However, there is a big skill and strat gap between these two teams.

Furthermore, I believe that Liquid is going to win against ENCE, but they will not have it as easy as they had while they played in The New Legends Stage. From my point of view, ENCE is definitely getting a map in this best-of-3 series. On the other hand, Liquid is well capable on every other map from the map pool, and this is where they will work for their win.

Betting prediction: Correct Score, Liquid 2-1
Odds: 3.13
Date: February 28th, 19:50 CEST

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Author Lea Hayes
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