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Geek City Challenge CS:GO 2018 Predictions

Published on: 30/08/2018

Take a read through this article to find our Geek City Challenge CS:GO 2018 predictions, tournament analysis and overview. Because this event is a showmatch between two teams, we will go more in-depth than usual, providing detailed information on the performance of both teams.

We will arm you with all of the knowledge you need to know to make smart, educated bets on this event.

Unfortunately, this event will not be streamed live, but it will take place live in Curitiba, Paraná in Brazil.


First, let’s take a look at the event overview.

  • Geek City Challenge 2018 will take place on September 1
  • The match will be a best of three
  • The two teams taking part are Furious Gaming and Team Wild
  • The winner will walk home with R$3,300 and second place will takeR$ 1,700


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Top Betting Predictions For Geek City Challenge 2018



First, let’s take a look at the past match ups Furious Gaming and Team Wild have had. This will give us some important information for placing bets on the upcoming game.

So far, we only have access to three recorded match ups and they are all best of ones. Here is an overview of their past games.


  • Train – 16-7 to Wild
  • Train – 16-11 to Wild
  • Mirage 16-4 to Wild


So, out of these three match ups, we are shown that Wild has had three fairly easy games against Furious Gaming. In fact, Furious has yet to beat Wild once. However, we should dig for more information before we can make a bet.

If we take a look at the current team ranking, it also tells an important tale. Outside of their personal match ups, Wild has still been the top performer. Wild is currently sitting on the #122 spot in the team leaderboard, whilst Furious is slacking at position #205.

Wild has also had far more experience and even hit a peak #36 position.

You may be wondering why you may never have heard of Team Wild before considering their previous excellent performance.

As it turns out, Wild actually consists of part of the old Tempo Storm roster, which saw some reasonable success at the end of 2017. Destiny, land1n, and tatazin are all past Tempo Storm members that you may remember that are now on Team Wild. Destiny is certainly their top performer, often leading their team to victory.

So far, all signs are pointing toward Wild taking this game. But for one final nail in the coffin, let’s take a look at how each team got here.

The qualifier for Geek City saw four groups of four fight it out during a group stage. Team Wild and Furious Gaming both went 3-0 in their groups. However, in the playoffs, Furious Gaming struggled a little. Furious faced up against BULL, a South American team with very little past experience. They lost the first game to BULL and only just clawed back with a 16-14 and 16-13 on Mirage and Overpass.

Team Wild got an easy 16-7 in their game against Bragantino, and they then battled it out on train to get a 22-18 victory, going 2-0 in the series as a whole.

It seems clear here that Team Wild will be the team to bet on.


Author Lea Hayes
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