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FACEIT Asia Minor 2018 Predictions

Published on: 15/07/2018

The FACEIT Asia Minor 2018 tournament will play out in July. Eight teams have qualified for the event, but only the top two teams will have a chance to proceed to the FACEIT 2018 Major tournament later this year.

Learn more about the teams that have qualified, when the FACEIT Asia Minor tournament will begin, and which teams should be bet on in this article and get ready to make some CSGO money.

The FACEIT Asia Minor championship will take place from July 16 until July 20. During this time, the following stages will play out:

Group Stage – July 16-July 17:

  • Two groups of four teams.
  • Double elimination format.
  • The first match and winners’ matches will be best of one.
  • The losers’ and decider matches will be best of three.
  • Top two teams from both groups will proceed to the playoffs.

Playoffs – July 18-July 20:

  • Double elimination format starting with semi-finals.
  • Next, an upper bracket final will determine the first grand final spot.
  • The losers of the semifinals and upper bracket final will go into the lower bracket.
  • The grand final will be the upper bracket winner vs the lower bracket winner.
  • All playoff matches are best of three.

Here is a look at the participating teams and group lineup for the FACEIT Asia Minor championship.

Group A

  • Renegades
  • VG.FlashGaming
  • SCARZ Absolute
  • B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape

Group B

  • TyLoo
  • Tainted Minds
  • Uniquestars
  • 5Power Gaming

Now that we’ve had a look at the team lineup and tournament schedule, we will now share FACEIT Asia Minor 2018 Predictions for betting.

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FACEIT Asia Minor 2018 Group A Predictions


Group A will start with VG.Flash playing against SCARZ Absolute. Neither team has any recorded matchup history yet, but VG.Flash is objectionably the better team here. With relatively little information on SCARZ Absolute, this may be worth missing. it could go either way.

Afterward, Renegades will go up against B.O.O.T-d. This should be a fairly clean win for Renegades. The now multi-national team has consistently fought through Minor events like this without breaking much of a sweat, so this should be another walk in the park for them.

In fact, we’d suggest betting on Renegades all of the way through Group A.

As for other matchups, it’s worth avoiding, especially the best of ones. SCARZ Absolute, VG.Flash, and B.O.O.T-d are all teams that haven’t played enough international events against each other to gather enough valuable information from.

In summary, bet on Renegades throughout Group A and you should come out with a profit.

FACEIT Asia Minor 2018 Group B Predictions


Group B will start with TyLoo against 5Power Gaming. TyLoo is one of the strongest teams in Asia right now, and TyLoo has consistently won against 5Power in previous matchups. It should be an easy one for TyLoo.

Next up is Tainted Minds versus Uniquestars. Tainted Minds is a fairly newer lineup of Australian players that have all had a reasonable level of experience with each other. INS and Yam are names that come to mind.

Uniquestars are, on the other hand, a team of relatively unknown players. We’re not quite sure what Uniquestars are capable of, so even though Tainted Minds should be the one to take this, there’s the chance that Uniquestars are secretly a team not to be reckoned with.

Ultimately, if you want to focus your bets on one team, go with TyLoo. Besides that, bets on Tainted Mind against 5Power could be smart. Everything else should be avoided.

FACEIT Asia Minor Playoff Betting Predictions

Out of the eight qualified teams, we see TyLoo and Renegades securing a spot. The remaining two spots will really depend on how the event plays out. Ultimately, though, both TyLoo and Renegades should have a fairly safe route to the grand final, so bet on any matches where they are playing against other teams.

Where there are matchups between TyLoo and Renegades, historically, Renegades has always had the upper hand. That’s not to say TyLoo haven’t won games against Renegades, though. It’d be a risky bet, but Renegades have a slightly smaller chance to come out on top.


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