CSGO Betting/Esports Fantasy | How to play ESL Fantasy

Esports Fantasy | How to play ESL Fantasy

If you are into Counter-Strike betting and esports gambling, then you have probably heard about Esports fantasy. If you're not quite sure of what this entails then stay tuned. In this piece, we will go over the early beginnings of ESL and Esports fantasy, where you can place your fantasy bets, and plenty more.

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What is Esports Fantasy?

In the early days, fantasy betting was mostly related to soccer and basketball. However, as Esports betting is becoming increasingly popular, it's only natural that more and more esports sites have integrated Esports fantasy to their website.

It all started with ESL Fantasy which mostly promoted CSGO fantasy teams. Now you are probably wondering what's ESL fantasy? To make it short, Esports fantasy is a type of online game where you are assembling your own team. Once you have made your selections, your team will achieve points based on the results of their performance in the live tournaments. Competing against other players and winning prizes is what makes Esports fantasy so fun to play.

How to play ESL Fantasy?

Let’s start with the basics. In order to start playing ESL Fantasy, you will have to create a free account by simply clicking here. After you have successfully created your account, you are good to go. At the moment there are 7 Esports Fantasy games provided by ESL, that being CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, World of Tanks, Overwatch, Paladins, StarCraft II.

What makes ESL Fantasy so good is that all of the fantasy pools are always free-to-play. There are no fees or anything similar. The method is exactly the same as with the other Fantasy sites. You are creating your own team which is going to compete and earn you points. If you made great picks, you are in for rewards as well.

CSGO Fantasy Betting

You can probably understand that CSGO fantasy is the most popular fantasy esports on the market. Mainly because there are several methods where you can earn points. For instance, in Dota 2 and League of Legends, there are only two ways to earn points. Killing someone will grant one point while dying will lose you one point. There is no third option.

However, there are several ways to earn points on CSGO Fantasy. Kills, assists, and headshots will all account towards your summary, while the only way you can lose points is dying by your roster. This is what makes CSGO fantasy so interesting. Now that we have sorted out all the basics, let’s go over bookmakers that are offering Esports and CSGO fantasy betting.

Sadly, all the popular Esports betting bookmakers are not providing their users with Esports fantasy betting. I believe that it would be a huge leap for bookmakers such as BetwayArcaneBetGG.Bet and similar bookmakers to provide their customers with fantasy betting.


(Check out our dedicated ArcaneBet Review for more information about this bookmaker. ArcaneBet is offering new customers a deposit bonus of 100% match up, up to €200).

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This was one of the first Esports bookmakers on the market. At first, they were accepting CS:GO skins as currency, but after cease and desist letters, they switched their attention to real money betting.

At one point, DrakeLounge recognized that CSGO fantasy could be added to their betting section. Even though they made an exact copy of ESL Fantasy, it worked. Most of the pools were limited to either 50 or 100 players and they were constantly full. Even though bettors paid an average of $5 per CSGO fantasy pool, rewards were through the roof. Sometimes they were even offering high tier CSGO skins.


At the moment, this is probably the best CSGO Fantasy site on the market. They are offering a lot of similar fantasy pools as ESL Fantasy. There are all sorts of Esports Fantasy pools on ESP.bet so there is a variety of bets to choose from.

If you are wondering why are they so good, then do not skip this part. Alongside ESL Fantasy, ESP.bet is offering free Fantasy pools as well. This means that you can sign-up for an account and play for free. Furthermore, you can even win great rewards which are mostly CS:GO skins.

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FREE Fantasy Pools

If you are into Esports Fantasy betting just for fun, then these types of pools are perfect for you. For instance, ESL Fantasy is always free-to-play and you can have tons of fun there while competing against your friends.

Furthermore, ESP.bet is offering free CSGO Fantasy pools as well. This time around, you can also get crazy rewards such as rare CSGO skins. In most scenarios, best 5 Fantasy players from a tournament will get a reward, so make sure that your picks are on point.

The word PAID says it all. Paid pools are always offering higher rewards. However, this comes at a cost. All of the players competing in the paid pool probably know what they are doing and they have done their math. This means that you need to be well-prepared and analyze teams and players yourself. Take note that almost all of the paid Fantasy pools are tied to a salary cap, which can be very tricky at times.

Salary Cap Fantasy Pools

As mentioned above, most of the paid Esports Fantasy pools are tied to the salary cap. This basically means that you cannot create a team of superstars. You will have to be very careful when it comes to the selection you make. In most cases, you will only be able to afford one superstar. Other places will have to be filled with “average” players, and this is where you will have to do your math. In most scenarios, your cap will be limited to $10,000, while superstar players will be worth roughly around $3,000, while the lowest rated players will be worth around $1,000.

Classics Fantasy Pools

In all of the scenarios, you will encounter Classic Fantasy Pools as free-to-play pools. This basically means that you can create whatever team you want. However, take note that you can only select two players from one team. Let’s create an example out of this type of Esports Fantasy pool.

If Astralis, FaZe, Natus Vincere, Liquid and MIBR are playing in a specific tournament. Classic pool will allow you to create this type of a super team:

  • Device – Astralis
  • NiKo – FaZe
  • Natus Vincere – s1mple
  • Liquid – Twistzz
  • MIBR – coldzera

You can probably understand that you will be able to earn tons of points for all of these players. However, there is no way in the world that you will be able to create this selection in the Salary Cap Esports Fantasy pool. Hence why it is a lot easier to compete in the Classics CSGO and Esports Fantasy pools.

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