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Best CSGO Betting Sites For Poor Bettors

Published on: 21/08/2018

Are you looking for the best CSGO betting sites for poor bettors? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll be sharing the most trusted regulated bookmakers with the top welcome offers. This means that you can get more value out of the money you have available to bet with.

There are plenty of different options to choose from, so once you’ve taken advantage of the welcome offer from one bookmaker, you can always move onto another one.

On top of listing some of the best bookmakers for CSGO betting, we will also be sharing some tips to help you manage a smaller betting bank roll.


Best CSGO Betting Sites For Poor Bettors – Where to Get Started

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We think that the best CSGO betting sites for poor bettors are the ones we have listed below. These websites are regulated and licensed, which means you’ll be able to get good customer service and you won’t fall victim to any scams.

It’s important you go for regulated bookmakers like the ones below. You don’t want to deposit your money on shady sites like csgopoor, for example. These websites have no regulations and there’s no protection for the funds you deposit.


Here are the top three bookmakers for players with a low betting balance:

  • Top CSGO odds
  • Customer support available
300% Deposit Bonus
Unikrn Bonus
  • Great CSGO odds
  • Free live streaming
100% Deposit Bonus
Redeem Bonus
  • Dedicated esports betting site
  • Great live betting service
100% Deposit Bonus
Arcanebet Bonus

How to Manage a Smaller Betting Balance

best csgo betting sites for poor bettors

If you are on the hunt for the best CSGO betting sites for poor bettors, chances are your betting balance isn’t going to be that large. This means that you have to take more precautions than usual, because one poorly planned bet could end it all for you.

The first tip we have to offer is to make sure you celebrate the small victories. If you plan to bet with small amounts, you can’t expect to win large amounts. It’s best to spread your balance across multiple small bets on games you have a good chance to win than putting everything you have on an underdog match.

There are times where making underdog bets is smart, but the amount you bet on these should be even lower.

There’s a strategy you can follow that will help to keep your betting balance alive, regardless of your betting size. The numbers for the strategy can vary, but we suggest this following strategy:


  • Bet 5% of your entire balance on high risk bets
  • Bet 10% of your balance on medium risk bets
  • Bet 20% of your balance on low risk bets


With this strategy, you will know what size bets to make to ensure you don’t lose your betting balance too quickly.

But how do you know which bets are high risk, medium risk, or low risk?

The best way to do this would be to look at our tournament overviews and betting tips. For every tournament we highlight, we offer an educated analysis of all upcoming match ups. You can use the information we provide to find out which bets are safest, and which bets are potential underdog wins.

Our betting tips are often designed to give you the best chance to leave with a profit after the entire tournament ends. This means that you’ll need to spread your betting balance across multiple matches by using the strategy we listed above.

So, what are you waiting for?


Author Lea Hayes
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